Plucked makes applying to college free and easy for high school students. Just follow these simple steps:

1. CreatE An Account

Create your Plucked profile (this will serve as your college application). Upload PDFs of your unofficial high school transcript, your teacher recommendations, and screenshots of your best SAT or ACT scores. This will make sharing your application with the colleges you like quick and easy. To make your account, you can either create a personal username and password, or log-in with either a Facebook or LinkedIn account. 

2. Begin Searching For Colleges

Looking for a big school? Want to be in the city? Use our search tools to find the colleges that are the perfect fit for you. Simply "pluck" the schools from our directory that interest you and they will be saved to your personal Plucked Profile. All of the schools listed are absolutely free to apply to, and many of them will accept your application directly through Plucked!

3.Connect with Your Colleges

Plucked's directory is composed of hundreds of schools that will accept your application for free. The stronger your personal profile, the more free applications you will qualify for. Additionally, Plucked helps you get in contact with the right people at each school, further improving your chance of being accepted.

4. SenD Your Applications

Now that you have narrowed down your list of potential schools, its time to submit your applications for free. Plucked even helps you stay on top of each schools specific due dates. It's really that easy.

COngratulations, You've Just Been PLUCKED!


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